ADS uses Fulltime, Part-time & Consultants to supply services. The reason for this variety is that teaching dancing is actually more than meets the eye, as some people want to just exercise, some want to socialize, others want to eventually go professional and the others want a combination of all aspects. ADS thus uses teachers that specialise in specific areas instead of All-Rounders. The student who joins ADS will thus be matched up with the correct teacher. ADS has a policy that all teachers continue training indefinately, thus ALL the staff have weekly classes to improve and continue to grow.

Here are the details of some of our members.

Armand Mynhart
Dance Principal

Armand has been teaching Latin and Ballroom Dancing since 1988. Armand is highly qualified. His passion is to teach and make a difference in people's lives. He maintains the highest level of performance and enjoys seeing the fruit of his work. He did all of his training under the wing of a reputable dance organization and obtained the following qualifications:

Bronze Teachers 96%
Silver Teachers 97%
Gold Teachers 97%
Supreme Gold Teachers 96%
Open Gold Teachers 96%
Dance Director 85%
Adjudicators 93%
Associates membership 97%

Armand consistently improves on his teaching and also improving his qualifications. He is well known in the greater Johannesburg and Durban area. He understands his student's needs and makes sure that they become the great dancers that they have set out to become. During the years of teaching he has learned a lot through the trials and errors and in doing so became one of the top teachers there is. Armand teaches both American and International syllabii.

Sonja De Kock
American Specialist

Sonja has been in the dancing and teaching profession for ten years and is qualified in American Latin and Ballroom. She loves what she does and this can be seen in the way that she looks after her students and gets them to have the time of their lives. She has a great deal of passions and knows what it feels like to be a student. Keeping this in mind she has the ability to take the time to make sure that her students are performing at great levels of achievement. She's been a great asset to the dancing fraternity and makes a great contribution to the parting of dance knowledge. She loves teaching couples and specialises in wedding couples. She has the drive and dedication to be the best she can be. Sonje is also Qualified Modern and Tap Associate SADTA. Has done extensive training in Modern Jazz, and also teaches and has developed a Boere Dance Syllabus including Sokkie & Two Step. Sonje has done Theatre Art & lifts for 6 Years.

Charmaine Merley, American Style Specialist

Charmaine has been in the dancing and teaching profession for three years and is qualified in American Latin and Ballroom. Couples is her passion.

Stephan Shunmugam

Stephan is a newly born teacher with all the assets of being newly born, excited, energetic, young and enthusiastic. He specialises in teaching American Latin and Ballroom. Stephan is training in American and International syllabii. Stephan has been dancing for three years.